Fediverse: The Latest Decentralized Social Media Network

Almost 20 years after the introduction of Facebook, Mark Zuckerberg launched Threads, a new micro-blogging application that means to match Elon Musk’s X (formerly Twitter).

Social media is being transformed into, decentralized platforms where users can own and share contents and contacts across platforms.

Then again, there is also a new platform called Fediverse. This application has acquired popularity among users who need unlimited control over their networks without the restrictions of content control and paid memberships, like on Twitter and Facebook.

The change will affect individual users but could be transformative also for millions of companies around the globe that communicate, promote, and connect with customers on traditional platforms.

As of now, several organizations are connecting on Nostr, a decentralized social media network.

The codeword for these person to person social networking services is “the Fediverse.” It runs on open standards such as ActivityPub. Tech companies like Flipboard, Tumblr, Medium, WordPress and Mozilla have already adopted it. Mastodon, the leading decentralized alternative to Twitter, runs on ActivityPub.

Meta launched Threads with plans to help Mastodon later on. Twitter co-founder Jack Dorsey is rolling out his decentralized social Bluesky, powered by its own protocol.

For organizations, the benefit of entering the Fediverse would come from controlling their contents and contacts and sharing networks across the platform of preference.

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At the moment, companies are at the provider’s mercy, which decides what message can be posted and what to pay to spread a certain message.

All things considered, the Fediverse ought to be considered as email, where everybody has their servers, but can speak with others by means of a message protocol that connects them generally together.

In terms of engagement and users, the size of the Fediverse is small compared to the entrenched platforms. Some apps may take off; others may not.

The fediverse is a group of federated social networking services, such as Mastodon, Pixelfed, PeerTube, Lemmy and Kbin , which allow users of each service to communicate with users on any other service. This is typically accomplished using the ActivityPub protocol. The fediverse logo.

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