Fidelity Bank Ghana Limited Unveils A New Whatsapp Banking Assistant For Customers

As a component of Fidelity Bank’s service to its customers, the outfit has introduced ‘Kukua‘, a WhatsApp Banking Assistant, to enable customers to lead customized online transactions from any location.

The 24-hour WhatsApp Banking Assistant, completely acquainted with the bank’s set-up of offerings to respond to inquiries through front line innovation, forms part of Fidelity Bank’s ‘Together We’re More’ brand promise that sees accomplishment as a synergistic exertion between itself, customers, and the overall population.

The Bank will offer open nonstop financial service on WhatsApp, a platform that most Ghanaians and their customers oftentimes use. Clients would now be able to start various transactions including fund transfers, airtime top-up, exchange rate checks, mini statement reviews, account balance checks, and ATM and branch location; all in real-time directly on WhatsApp with ‘Kukua’.

Kukua now joins the bank’s innovative portfolio of digital products such as their mobile app, online banking, online account opening, USSD, cards, and numerous others.

Fidelity Bank has assured its customers they will keep on using innovation to create straightforward and inventive answers for customers to enjoy banking services in a consistent and secure way.

About the strength of ‘Kukua’s network safety, it has bleeding edge security and all the transactions are secure with customers’ data and security privacy.

‘Kukua’ was considered in-house as a project to make computerized answers for better services its customers. Also, it has been a work of affection to take care of customers needs progressively.

Fidelity’s introduction of ‘Kukua‘ is an acknowledgment of its continued promise to making banking simpler and helpful for all its customers sections through important and valuable computerized items and services.

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