FIFA Calls On Investors To Begin Harnessing The Power Of Hosting The FIFA World Cup 2026™ Now

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Indeed, even before the 2022 FIFA World Cup In Qatar is yet to start, FIFA President Giani Infantino has begun drawing up plans for the 2026 World cup.

The FIFA President is visiting the co-hosts of the FIFA World Cup 2026™ as the plan of the initial 48-team FIFA World Cup™ is being laid out

Gianni Infantino has approached investors and officials in North America to start saddling the force of hosting the FIFA World Cup 2026™ in Canada, Mexico and the United States from now, and not pass up the development opportunities that accompany it.

Mr Infantino, who was speaking at the recent Milken Institute 25th Global Conference in Los Angeles, said the FIFA World Cup 2026™ provides a special chance to focus on the uncovered potential across the continent – and go about as a reminder to young ladies and young men of all capacities that football is the most accessible sport on the planet.

“We have to find other ways to touch the hearts and the emotions of people,” the FIFA President said when asked if football, or soccer, can unlock its potential, particularly in the United States. “I think there are different ways of doing that, and we want to use the opportunity of this FIFA World Cup coming here. The first level is really the grassroots level; it’s the access to the sport. We have to give boys and girls, children, easier access to the sport.”

In his speech during the meeting named ‘Dealing with the Beautiful Game’, the FIFA President also called on sports administrators, club owners and investors in the region to burn through no time in exploiting the energy of interest and exposure the competition will definitely bring to assist with the game to grow.

“We are here to start today a big, big project, which will generate not only billions of revenue for soccer in this country, but (it will realise) dreams for millions of people, not only in this country but all over the world,” he said.

“Because whatever works here has an impact all over the world. And if we speak about the world’s number one sport, that’s what we have to do.”

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