FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking In Perspective: Countries Climbing Up

Belgium’s Senior National Team

The selection for this year’s FIFA World Rankings is based on Copa America, UEFA EURO, Concacaf Gold Cup & Qatar 2022 qualifiers.

In the first FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking of 2021, a sum of 43 full internationals (including one played for December 2020) were considered. The outstanding competition as of late has been the African Nations Championship (CHAN), where a total of 32 games occurred.

These fixtures as well as the other 11 games played have been classified as friendlies, because only players competing in the national championships of the participating countries are eligible to take part in the CHAN.

In the standings, CHAN winners Morocco (33rd, + 2), and other participants Mali (54th, + 3) have gained the most headway. Third-set Guinea (72nd, + 1) and quarter-finalists Congo (90th, + 1) have additionally progressed.

Other teams moving the right way including Costa Rica (50th, + 1), as of now back in the Top 50 following a shortfall of a while, Cape Verde (80th, + 1), Oman (81st, + 1), Benin (82nd, + 1), Azerbaijan (108th, + 1), Estonia (108th, + 1), Thailand (110th, + 1), Guinea-Bissau (119th, + 1), Tajikistan (120th, + 1) and Guatemala (130th, + 1).


These teams aside, no other country has improved its position since December 2020, and the Top 32 spots in the standings stay unaltered since the end of 2020. Belgium, France, Brazil, England and Portugal keep on possessing the best positions, with the main triplet of Belgium, France and Brazil just isolated by 37 points.

The battle for the best position vows to be an exciting one this year with a line of significant competitions planned (Copa America, UEFA EURO and Concacaf Gold Cup) as well as the resumption of qualifying for the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

The following FIFA/Coca-Cola World Ranking will be published on 8 April 2021.

Meanwhile, as of February 2021, beneath is the FIFA World Rankings:

On the African continent, Morocco lead the rundown with greatest expansion in points.

Most matches played: Cameroon, Guinee, Mali, Morocco (6 each)

Biggest increase in points Morocco (+ 7)

Biggest rise in places Mali (+ 3)

Biggest drop in points Uganda (- 6)

Biggest drop in places Uganda, Zimbabwe (- 4)

Unranked inactive teams Cook Islands

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