FIFA Is Launching A New Online Legal Platform

FIFA President Gianni Infantino (right)

As a component of its continuous obligation to modernizing FIFA’s regulatory system, FIFA is set to launch what they call-the FIFA Legal Portal, an online based platform through which procedures before the FIFA Football Tribunal and FIFA legal bodies will be conducted, starting around 1 May 2022.

The portal will empower football stakeholders -, for instance, clubs, players, associations, intermediaries, law firms with a power of attorney and anybody engaged with proceedings – to hold up a case with the pertinent FIFA navigation or legal body and will progressively replace the current system of communication by email.

While the proceedings will in any case be governed by the respective FIFA regulations, the notification of communications, submissions, decisions and other documents will be handled through the FIFA Legal Portal, which aims to ensure simple, secure and transparent communication between FIFA and the parties involved, as well as a better understanding of the proceedings and heightened traceability.

The new platform will offer the opportunities for users to report conduct thought to be contrary with the FIFA guidelines. This adds to the current informant platform.

The FIFA Legal Portal will slowly replace the current email communication system. Thus, after a momentary period, procedures will only be started through the portal and correspondence with regards to proceedings before the FIFA Football Tribunal and FIFA legal bodies will exclusively be directed by means of the Portal.

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As indicated by the football administering body, for the purpose of clearness, a user manual giving additional information and a bit by bit manual for the FIFA Legal Portal will be accessible on

FIFA is continuing to modernise and streamline the proceedings before its decision-making and judicial bodies in order to facilitate the filing and management of claims, while at the same time ensuring the transparency and traceability of proceedings for all football stakeholders.

In like manner, FIFA urges its partners to register on the FIFA Legal Portal starting around 1 May 2022 at

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