FIFA Is Now Set To Discuss About Migrant Workers At This Year’s World Cup

ZURICH, SWITZERLAND – FIFA’s Chief Social Responsibility and Education Officer, Joyce Cook

FIFA will invite a delegation of Amnesty International (AI) on Monday, 14 March 2022 at the Home of FIFA in Zurich to examine conditions of transient workers in Qatar regarding the FIFA World Cup Qatar 2022™.

The meeting will give the potential chance to Amnesty to handover a request approaching FIFA to address this matter and will be trailed by a conversation with experts from FIFA and its local partner in Qatar to take a gander at the advancement accomplished up to this point, and the challenges that actually remain.

In light of this, FIFA’s Chief Social Responsibility and Education Officer, Joyce Cook said:

“We very much welcome the ongoing engagement with Amnesty International and are always open to transparently and constructively discussing and addressing any concerns that our stakeholders may have.

We remain fully committed to ensuring the protection of workers engaged in the delivery of the World Cup, and we are confident that the tournament will also serve as a catalyst for broader positive and lasting change across the host country”.

Again, the meeting will come off on Monday March 14, at FIFA’s office in Zurich.

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