Film Director Kobi Rana ‘Cooking’ A Rib Cracking Movie ‘Charade’

Jackie Appiah and Kalybos set to feature in the movie

Cornelius Phanthomas who is prevalently referred to in the Ghanaian movie industry as Kobi Rana is on set directing a film called ‘Charade‘ (Do Me I Do You).

The accomplished film director who has been in the showbiz space for over 10 years, has directed exemplary films with exclusive expectations in the past that includes: Sala, I Do, Chaskele, Kiss Me If You Can, Akwaaba, Baby, Players Vs Slayers and some more.

The Award winning filmmaker is just about releasing another romantic comedy film that will split the ribs of film lovers.

The film ‘Charade’ which has Jackie Appiah and Kalybos being the lead casts is expected to be a parody film on an alternate level. Both actors are extraordinary in what they do and have been casted in many top-notch movies.

Kobi Rana is and award winning film director, screen writer, actor, choreographer, dancer, producer, and conceptualist.

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