Finland Has One of The Toughest Education Systems In The World – Study

Finland has been ranked as the country with the second most demanding school system in the world. The country’s educational system is organized as a 9-3-3 system. Apart from Finland, the top two list comprises of South Korea and Singapore. says that a number of factors, like the country’s structure of the education system, tertiary education attainment, and the acceptance rate of the best college, were taken into consideration when ranking Finland among the world’s top ten toughest education systems.

The 9-3-3 system contains a required nine-year elementary school training, followed by a three-year time of upper optional education and a three-year higher education stage.

The hardest test in Finland is the Finnish Matriculation Examination, which is a cross country test that is endless supply of secondary school.

Students who pass this exam are allowed to pursue their studies at universities as well as other higher education institutions. Data show that around 30,000 students pass the exam successfully each year.

Its primary objective is to monitor how well students have mastered the expected information and abilities during their secondary school years and if they’ve developed in accordance with the objectives of their schooling.

Together with Finland’s demanding education system, students struggle with elevated stress levels. According to the study, students who are pursuing their studies in Finland have more mental health issues than other adults in the country.

About 40% of female students and 28 percent of the males in Finland have said that they feel depressed and anxious.

In any case, nothing can beat the feelings of anxiety of students in Japan, with the review uncovering that 84.0 percent of male students and 95.1 percent of the females experience pressure or stress during their examinations in the country.

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Meanwhile, the most popular degrees in Finland, according to the study shows that Information Technology and International Business Logistics are the most sought-after fields.

The study further reveals that about 40% of Finland’s population holds tertiary education credentials and that the country’s highest college acceptance rate is 17%.

Besides Finland,’s list comprises of nine other nations that have the hardest school systems in the world. Below is the full list:

South Korea
Hong Kong
South Africa

In South Korea, which is also amongst the countries with the toughest education systems in the world, students are reported to study around 16 hours a day to pass the college entry test, Suneung, which is considered to be one of the hardest.

Part of the list, is also Singapore, which has an impressive 91 per cent rate of people with tertiary education and a national IQ score of 105.9.

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