Finn Smith: The New Record Breaker In The History Of The English FA Cup

Sixteen-year-old Finn Smith has been affirmed as the youngest scorer throughout the entire existence of the English FA Cup after he scored for Newport IW FC in an additional preliminary round win against Fleet Town recently.

The Isle of Wight youngster, who made his debut one day subsequent to signing for the club on his sixteenth birthday celebration the base age to play in the FA Cup, helped his side to a 3-1 win.

As per Smith, he is very much delighted, and has been receiving heaps of complimentary messages from people from around the world. He said:

“It’s hard to take it all in if I’m honest. It was a close game so I wasn’t really expecting to get on the pitch.”

Smith, who came on as a substitute in the match on August 6, was affirmed as the most youthful scorer in the competition’s 151-year-old history by the FA seven days after the fact, breaking the past record of 16 years and 25 days.

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Finn Smith said he even went to a beach party after the match that evening and had some celebrations.

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