Fire Catches Uganda’s Makerere University

Makerere University

A fire has gutted a notable structure at Uganda’s Makerere University, which is an unmistakable milestone in the capital. Known as the “Ivory Tower”, an overnight burst has left its particular white dividers with blue-covered windows darkened. Investigations by the Kampala police are progressing to identify what caused the fire. Makerere is one of Africa’s most established and most esteemed Universities.

The fame main Administration Building burst into flames early Sunday morning and the pulverization is incredible. According to the Vice Chancellor of the University Barnabas Nawangwe , the administration is determined to reestablish the structure to its noteworthy state in the shortest possible time conceivable.

Fire officials battled the colossal fire from around 12 PM until after day break on Sunday. According to first reports, the fire spread to other floors, and it recommends that the fire may have begun from the rooftop, spreading to the floors and the records office.

The fire started from the top floor

The structure which holds students records, is additionally brimming with file documents crossing the entire history of the establishment. Makerere was first settled in 1922 as a technical school and has developed into a broadly regarded University.

Makerere University is Africa’s fifth-best college, as per the most recent rankings by the Times Higher Education. Its alumni include independence-era leaders such as Julius Nyerere of Tanzania, renowned writers including Kenya’s Ngugi wa Thiong’o, academics and clergy like John Sentamu, the recently retired Anglican archbishop of York.

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