Fire Tiger Is Undoubtedly One Of The Best Musical Groups To Have Appeared. They Have A New One Out!

Fire Tiger

If you are an enthusiast of music, you will observe that, there are innumerable number of music band groups like: The Rolling Stones, Genesis, One Direction, Backstreet Boys, Westlife and a lot more that have engaged the world consistently.

Beyond this, one of the melodic musical groups that has shaken the world with their Classic Rock kind of music is Fire Tiger. By and by, as a loyal music fan who has for some years been in the administration of music business for quite a while, can confidently say I have the ears to swiftly distinguish a good melody. Furthermore, without question, Fire Tiger is no special case.

You’re presumably asking yourself, who is Fire Tiger? They are a retro force pop/exemplary musical group from Los Angeles, fronted by contralto artist/musician Tiff Alkouri, alongside co-essayist/keyboardist James Ramsey, guitarist Jordan Lucas, bassist Tyler Renga, and drummer Lorenzo Meynardi.

Throughout the years, the exemplary musical gang has demonstrated their value in the music space with collections including: Energy, Suddenly Heavenly, All the Time, Fire-Tiger Presents and some more.

Since their debut 10-tune vinyl record collection ‘Energy’ in 2014, and their 2018 follow-up collection, ‘Suddenly Heavenly’, they have been extraordinary. Fire Tiger’s great tunes has the core aspiration of catching the nostalgic melodic quality credited to the 80s and late 70s, and take it back to the standard.

Fire Tiger’s music is irrefutably snappy and delightful in quite a few spots. Huge number of fans far and wide, have validated the reality why they think the group has something extraordinary to offer the world particularly in the genre where they find themselves.

Fire Tiger is special as in, they aren’t intentionally trying to rehash something of the past – but instead making that time well known by composing pop melodies, and not pop sounds.

With Fire Tiger, everything from the vocals to the music is unadulterated exemplary ’80s Pop/Rock and you’re unquestionably going to be fixated on their tunes. The group who have progressively gained worldwide attention and acknowledgment is for sure dribbling with potential.

They have several tunes to their credit including Green Light, He Has Changed, Shake Ya Body, Don’t Take Me Home, Magical Brew and numerous others.

Fire Tiger have recently released a third free collection ‘All The Time’. The melody on the album is absolutely unpreventable with a lovely style and heartfelt conveyance.

Check out Fire Tiger’s most recent video ‘All The Time’ which is now vibrating music fans.

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