First Woman To Be Appointed On The Executive Board Of VW

Daniela Cavallo

German auto giant Volkswagen has appointed Daniela Cavallo to serve on its leader advisory team. The promotion came on heel of the IG Metall Union leader’s height to executive of the Group Works Council of VW some weeks ago.

Cavallo will in this way, be the first woman to be on its executive committee of the automaker. She will also be the leader of the aggregate salary negotiations for 660,000 workers of the organization.

46 year old Cavallo’s appointment is a big shock to many in Germany, where women experience issues in accomplishing positions of leadership in business or corporate world, particularly in the male-ruled industry like vehicle.

As a trade unionist from Italy, she had an amazing supporter – Bernd Osterloh. As an IG Metall agent, Osterloh was the head of the works council for 15 years.

When VW appointed him to HR duties at Traton, Volkswagen’s trucks auxiliary, he suggested his second-in-order, Cavallo to succeed him.

Osterloh acquainted the 46-year-old with his contacts at VW and surprisingly carried her to meetings with the inheritors of the organizers.


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Cavallo started her apprenticeship in 1994, continuing in the steps of her dad who is an immigrant. Before long, the heads of IG Metall saw her and brought her into influential positions.

As a labor leadr, she showed an administration capacities and assurance. In 2002, she arranged the formation of a low-wage sector in the organization, and a couple of years, she played a major role in signing the “agreement of the future,” which included taking out 30,000 jobs.

Her command at the VW leader board will be to set up the change to electric vehicles while securing as many jobs as could reasonably be expected.

She will also have to find powerful allies on the committee, such as the representatives of Lower Saxony, who themselves are advocates for employment.

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