Floyd Mayweather Spends Thousands Of Dollars In One Of The Most Luxurious Shopping Malls In The World

Floyd Mayweather Jr. is charged to fight Don Moore, a boxing bout everybody is anxious to watch, particularly when it has to do with Mayweather. He is currently training for that expectant fight.

But before this match, the boxing legend visited the capital of United Arab Emirates, Dubai. And interestingly, on his appearance to the Middle Eastern country, he went to the Dubai shopping center for some shopping.

The American fighter spent a fortune during an evening of shopping in the Mall. Mayweather went on a shopping binge making spending alluring.

He paraded his hard-earned wealth by purchasing close to half of the things in the shopping center. He actually burned through a huge number of dollars at The Dubai Mall.

Floyd Mayweather Jr. then released a brief video cut on his social media handles and wrote:

“Light shopping day at Dubai Mall.”

The video shows a classic black vehicle loaded up with shopping bags, showing that Mayweather has tracked down one more method to enjoy his time in Dubai.

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Meanwhile, Mayweather had previously spent around $500,000 in New York. Subsequent to winning the biggest payday of his profession in an essential bout against one more incredible fighter Manny Pacquiao, Floyd Mayweather made a trip to New York City to satisfy his moniker. In the Big Apple he spent an estimated $500,000 on jewelries.

Nicknamed ‘Money’, he frequently shares photographs of his vehicles, gems, watches and manors on social media. This time, the undefeated boxer stood out as truly newsworthy for spending a large number of dollars on a shopping binge at The Dubai Mall.

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