Floyd’s Death: Jeff Bezos Still In Support Of The Protests Despite Criticisms

Jeff Bezos says his stance won’t change

It’s longer than seven days when George Floyd passed on in Minneapolis after a grueling experience with an American cop in broad day light. Many concerned people around the world including giant institutions have all demonstrated support and empathy towards the awful occurrence on that game changing day, Monday 25th May, 2020.

Indeed, the support has been enormous as heads of institutions are also demonstrating same support everybody is giving. One of such persons is Amazon’s CEO, Jeff Bezos who on Friday fifth June, 2020, voiced out support for the “Black Lives Matter” campaign.

Interestingly, this didn’t go down well with a customer of the outfit (Amazon). The customer (whose name is withheld) censured the organization’s announcement in solidarity with protesters.

The customer figures Amazon should halt from being a part of the ruinous dissent going on in America. However, the CEO, Jeff Bezos isn’t also satisfied with what the customer is stating. He at the same time insists on his Instagram page:

“I want you to know I support this movement that we see happening all around us,” Bezos wrote in an Instagram post. “My stance won’t change.”

In an Instagram post, Bezos posted a screen capture of an email from the customer who said it was upsetting and hostile that Amazon posted a message on its site in solidarity with the protests. The customer, whose name was obscured, stated “ALL LIVES MATTER!”

“I have to disagree with you,” Bezos replied.

Black Lives Matter‘ doesn’t mean other lives don’t matter. Black lives matter speaks to racism and the disproportionate risk that Black people face in our law enforcement and justice system.”

Apart from the customer, various institutions have reprimanded Amazon over its binds with police and utilization of facial acknowledgment technology.

Jeff Bezos To Quit As The CEO Of Amazon

According to one of the wealthy men in the world, unlike black parents, Bezos said, he will never have to worry that his son “might be gagged to death while being detained one day.” He added that he supports the recent protests around police brutality

“I want you to know I support this movement that we see happening all around us and my stance won’t change,”.

Meanwhile, on Wednesday third June, Amazon declared it would give $10 million to social justice organizations. The organization also tweeted “inequitable and brutal treatment of Black people” must stop.

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