Following Several Decades In Showbiz, Jamie Foxx Is Still ‘Kicking’ On, Worth Millions Of Dollars

Jamie Foxx

You can call him Jack of All Trades but Jamie Foxx is one of the best showbiz characters on the planet with various honors to his credits. The entertainer, artist, comic, TV moderator, executive producer, sportsman and has been relevant from the beginning to date.

The showbiz icon has been in this ‘game’ for nearly three decades and has a few satire specials and collections to his credits. Jamie Foxx has featured in a ton of movies and TV shows not overlooking the number of albums and awards he has won during these decades in the entertainment world.

Foxx has released five albums, with four of them arriving at the top ten of the U.S. Billboard 200. In 2010, Foxx won the Grammy awards for Best R&B Performance by a Duo or Group with Vocals for “Blame It,” his coordinated effort with T-Pain. For comedy, he has done a great deal of sitcoms including his very own which he creates. Foxx is one of the perceived entertainers in the US and worldwide with a fine specialty cut for himself.

Jamie And Glover (Both Entertainers) on stage

He has showed up in film industry hits including Dreamgirls, Horrible Bosses, Django Unchained, White House Down, and numerous others. What’s more, this has won him grants at the Oscars, Golden Globe, and SAG.

Real name Eric Marlon Bishop, his first TV appearance was in 1991. Curiously, Foxx was pushed by his sweetheart to do stand up-parody. Actually, the girlfriend challenged him to get up in front of an audience, and that was the start of the adventure for Jamie Foxx.

Jamie Foxx has buckled down and has gotten quite a lot of money flow in his vocation. Many individuals especially his fans are anxious to know how much he is worth considering his long stay in the showbiz business.

According to checks by, Jamie Foxx’s total assets is evaluated to be $100 million.

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