Following Several Years, The Grammy’s Makes Changes To Its Rules

On Wednesday tenth June, 2020, the Grammy Awards Academy announced its decision to make changes to a few Grammy Awards classifications, including the frequently discussed Best New Artist title, just as having nomination review committee members sign disclosure forms to forestall irreconcilable circumstances.

The new guidelines will clearly influence the 63rd yearly Grammy Awards, which will go live on 31 January, 2021. In fact, the changes were endorsed a month ago (May 2020).

For such a significant number of years, the Best New Artist Award has been a major argument among numerous performers, as people have reprimanded the category.

As of late, the awards has been examined in light of the fact that, the Academy put a song and album limit, precluding certain entertainers. That said, the new principles state, “there is no longer a specified maximum number of releases prohibiting artists from entering” the category.

The new standard stands to profit more youthful artists, explicitly rappers, who will in general release numerous singles and along these lines, didn’t qualify on the grounds that they surpassed the 30-tune limit.

Many artists including Whitney Houston have all passed up being best new artist nominees on account of the category’s principles in the years they denoted their forward leaps.

Performers will now have to sign the terms of a conflict of interest disclosure form provided by the Academy.

To many, the Academy’s progressions has come at the perfect time, since they could be a reaction to previous Recording Academy CEO Deborah Dugan, who was terminated just months into her job before the 2020 Grammys was held in January early this year.

The organization has however made its 66-page rules and guidelines book public for the first time, at

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