For The First Time Since 2020, Malta International Airport Sets A New Record

In January 2024, the Malta International Airport hosted 465,482 passengers. The MIA recorded a sum of 465,482 travelers during the first month of this year, outperforming the 400,000 traveler achievement for January since 2020.

As per the Airport’s most recent report, the increase in traveler activity denoted an eminent increment of 22.7 percent compared with the earlier year 2023, reaching at a top on January 6, reports.

A total of 151 flights shipped 23,923 travelers to and from the airport.

Aircraft movements totalled 3,511 in January, corresponding to a 23.4 per cent growth when compared with the same month in 2023. While seat capacity increased by 27.4 per cent over the reference year, load factor registered a drop of 2.8 percentage points, as average occupancy on flights stood at 74 per cent.

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Further MIA data also shows that January 2024 saw a captivating change in traveler traffic elements at Malta International Air terminal. Subsequently, Italy drove the accuse of a 24 percent increment contrasted with the year before. Other countries that also added to this growth are as per the following:

United Kingdom (+23 percent)

Poland (+59 percent)

Germany (+30 percent)

France (- 20%)

The Polish market emerged as the standout performer, showing consistent growth throughout the course of recent years. Poland rose to become the third-largest market for Malta International Airport in January 2024, surpassing Spain, France, and Germany.

Increased flight frequencies to Polish destinations operated by Ryanair and Wizz Air during the winter season fueled a 59 per cent year-on-year increase, with the Polish market accounting for around ten per cent of all passenger movements last month.

According to the Airports Council International (ACI) report, Malta International Airport has improved its standing among the best performing airports in Europe for the year 2023.

Overtaking counterparts in Spain and Italy, Malta secured fourth place within the EU+ region, boasting a commendable traffic growth of 6.7 per cent during 2019. Portugal (+12.2 per cent) and Greece (+12.1 per cent) claimed the top two spots in the segment, while Iceland secured third place with an increase of 6.9 per cent.

Besides, Malta Airport grew on 2019 levels by 6.7 percent, bragging a record accomplishment 7.8 million travelers in 2023. As of late, European Best Destination, known for its yearly positioning, ranked Malta as one of the top EU destinations for 2024.


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