For What Reason Should DJ Khaled Be Attacked?

DJ Khaled

As probably the best dj turned artist, he is clearly observed on social media platforms by his die-hard fans and music enthusiasts. DJ Khaled recently shared an image of himself and his immediate family with a thick gray hair all over his head.

While in the spirit of enjoyment, his fans were likewise not enthused about his hair shading. The fans think the Grammy Award winner looks weird and unkempt in the gray hair, thus the ‘roasting’.

So this is how he looked like in the Instagram posted photograph: DJ Khaled was wearing a thick head of hair and whiskers, with some gray around the sides in the midst of his wife and two children.

The picture that got people talking

Some fans hit hard at him for the image posted.

Khaled subtitled the photograph: ‘Blessing from the KHALED FAMILY and WE THE BEST FOUNDATION @wethebestfdn LOVE ALWAYS ! I need a haircut lol’

Soon after the above post, he again showed a sideview of himself with a composition:


‘I will get haircut I will figure it out soon lol’
‘I will get haircut I will figure it out soon lol. Quarantine alert. Im get my Barbour a space suit stay tuned !’

Some other celebrities including Fat Joe likewise remarked under his post saying: ‘ ‘Im a come threw give u a cut lol’

The critics from the fans had be waded in by some known personalities in the business like Tamar Braxtton with exquisite and empowering words who additionally remarked:

‘Don’t worry about it bro!! It’s the people who aren’t really quarantined who is talking!!

‘Those of us who has been looks JUST like you… and me. our family loves us anyway and right now, that’s was matters! Be tore up in peace’

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