For What Reason Should You Invest So Much In A Funeral? – The Ghosts Are Weeping!!

It is appointed for man to die but just once. This is as per the Christian Bible and the Quran. As humans, we will all leave this planet earth by way of death, irrespective of our social status. In this unique situation, there are tons of religion that have beliefs that, it isn’t essential in any event, burning through so much time and money on memorial services for the dead.

Scripturally, there was no such costly funeral composed for the dead during the times of the disciples or the followers of Christ. As indicated by the Bible, The most influential or powerful man of God, Moses’ body after his passing wasn’t found. People till date believe it was diverted by God himself.

Others additionally think, his body lost and couldn’t be found. Indeed, they offered final appreciation to Moses, but not to a degree where people invested so much money tryingyto satisfy somebody who is dead and truly wouldn’t see what you’re accomplishing for him/her.

There are a few religious groups who don’t engage in such memorial service for the perished. Actually, some cremate the remains and toss the body into an ocean. But depends on the desire of the deceased.

Religious bodies, for example, the Islam and others rather decide to ritualistically inter the dead in a grave or tomb when he is proceeded to go for good. There is no way for any morgue issues and a bulky style of ‘adoring’ the dead at memorial services. About 90% of religious bodies believe that after death, the most significant thing is the place the spirit rests. In this manner, there is no motivation to invest a lot of energy and cash on funerals since they are unnecessary.

Then again, other societies additionally have their very own conviction about burial service or paying last respect to the dead. They think, the dead will perpetually not be seen forever, therefore much time and financial investment ought to be placed in the memorial service to delineate how the people love him/her.

In Africa, this is a typical phenomenon as people invest millions of money commending the dead. In Meanwhile, while living, that person most likely needed some few monies to survive but everybody turned their back at him. Thus, on account of freedom of worship, affiliation and many others, everyone reserve the right to spend as much as they can to commend the dead.

The question is: Is it worth celebrating a corpse with million of cash while that cash could’ve been utilized for something simple and the rest for other purposes for the living? In Ghana, the Asantes are the foremost people to be identified with costly burial services. This culture has been there for such huge numbers of decades. During memorial services in the Asante region particularly in Kumasi, you will be loaded up with wonderment at what you see. Besides keeping the body of the perished at the mortuary for in some cases four to five months, people are enlisted and paid to wail for the dead.

Paid to Wail for the dead

Others lease garments to the burial service grounds. In some cases, the family of the perished are also compelled to go for loans for funeral arrangements and a considerable more of these. In fact, funerals are presently party seasons for some people who are so into them. The striking part of this is that, if you don’t take an interest in more funerals, you won’t be given same worship when you or any of your family members passes on.

Therefore, people are compelled to proceed to go for loans to attend funerals paying little attention to any condition they end up in. All these talked about above are because of social convictions by most Africans. All in all, most African countries place such a great amount of accentuation on burial services than their self development. Unfortunately, the vast majority could have been saved from dying if there was sufficient money to deal with their bills at the medical clinic. Since they most likely chipped away their self development as in their financial standing, they horrendously passed on.

I have personally been to a funeral service where nearly $780,000 was spent on that burial service. The dead in person was a senior banking official who passed on after a short illness. The burial service took place in his hometown. I checked out the village and all what I said was: ‘Couldn’t a portion of this money be used in building up the old neighborhood’ rather than squandering all these on a three-day memorial service?. The hometown was in a deplorable state that required enormous renovations.

It’s time we as a whole look at this from different viewpoints and presumably tune down the speed at which we go as far as spending so much on burial services. Obviously, you can’t prevent somebody from paying out millions of cash on his memorial service but pressure are being laid on the heads of other people who don’t have it. In addition, these large monies could’ve been directed to improve the emergency clinics and other social conveniences in dilapidated hometowns.

Life is short, we live it just once, in this manner, living it well is justified, despite all the challenges. Africa ought to be careful with a portion of these things since somebody is probably watching. How about we help and love people while they are alive rather than deceptively commending them when they are no more.

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