Foreign Banks Will Now Be Changing Their Working Days In UAE

Deutsche Bank AG, JPMorgan Chase and Co and Societe Generale SA are changing to a Saturday-Sunday weekend from the New Year in the United Arab Emirates (UAE) which is adjusting its functioning week to most global business markets.

The German bank (Deutsche Bank AG) will from January 3, 2022 work Monday-Friday in the Sunni Muslim-governed country, rather than the usual Sunday-Thursday as is the norm around the Middle East.

JPMorgan is additionally adjusting that very week in UAE, alongside adaptable practices, for example, a break for Muslim prayers on Fridays, the bank said in a statement.

For France-based Societe Generale, it is carrying out Saturday-Sunday weekend from January 2 in its Dubai and Abu Dhabi entities, as indicated by an email statement.

In the interim, delegates of Bank of America have not reacted to the story.

The banks’ move comes after the UAE said on December 7 that it would move to a four-and-a-half day week with a Saturday-Sunday weekend from the beginning of next year 2022.

Privately owned businesses are, be that as it may, allowed to pick their own working week in the oil-delivering Gulf state which is the locale’s commercial, trade and the travel industry hub.

Over the previous year, the UAE has gone to lengths to make its economy more alluring to foreign investments, thus this is one of the drives.

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