Former Argentina Goalkeeper Is On The Neck Of Lionel Messi

Lionel Messi

The world considers him the ‘God’ of Football, others likewise think he makes football simple to watch and so easy to play. For such a significant number of years, the Barcelona F/C forward Lionel Messi has been adulated for his incredible display on the field of football. Indeed, Barcelona is adored by huge number of people around the globe due to Lionel Messi’s impeccable skills on the field.

However, the former Argentina goalkeeper Hugo Gatti imagines that, he isn’t helping his team with his moderate rhythm style of playing in recent times. Instead, he is simply ‘ruining’ the team. The two-time Copa Libertadores winner with Boca Juniors has guaranteed that the 32-year-old walks more on the pitch now rather than running around with the ball.

Messi who has scored 23 goals in 30 appearances for the Catalans this season, has for quite a while been slammed by certain fans of Barcelona for some sort of ‘attitude’ he sets up on the field, which isn’t helping the team, Barcelona.

Hugo Gatti says Messi is amazing yet is not any more like that. He is of the view that, Barcelona treats him wrong since they overly hail him. And if he becomes accustomed to it, he will strolls more on the pitch. “He has to be better ” Hugo Gatti said.

Subsequently, both himself and his rival Christiano Ronaldo are the best on the planet now, accordingly Messi must sit up and be better. As per Gatti, Lionel Messi has become accustomed to playing at a fatigued musicality, walking. He is asking Messi to play well.

Messi is viewed as one of the exceptional players ever, having won the Ballon d’Or on six distinct events, including the 2019 honor. He holds a heap of records, having gotten more regularly than any other player in Barcelona colours, with 437 class goals scored in 473 appearances.

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