Former Italian Prime Minister Puts His Expensive Superyacht Up For Sale

The Morning Glory Superyacht up for sale

During his rule as the Italian Prime Minister, Silvio Berlusconi was labeled as controversial as well as exceptionally rich. One of his properties known publicly is his Superyacht “Morning Glory” with a long history of playing host to the rich and popular.

Upon cautious consultations, the former Italian Prime Minister has chosen to auction the beautiful 158-foot vessel superyacht.

Obviously, during this period of coronavirus, numerous yachts have quit cruising but Berlusconi’s yacht which was built by Italian expert Perini Navi, is looking for another owner.

The 83 year old Berlusconi has put the yacht available to be purchased for $11 million a little more than two decades in the wake of getting it from the former owner, Murdoch, a businessperson.

The superyacht which was built to evaporate in the water, has experienced a broad refit with new motors and generators included. The structure has also been repainted a dull blue shade to make it look increasingly excellent.

The ‘Morning Glory’ superyacht, is presently being sold by means of intermediary Burgess. It holds four sumptuous suites, a full pillar proprietor’s suite, just as four lodges, and can oblige up to eight visitors.

Alongside the flexible deck spaces, the vessel has a L-molded parlor, a marble chimney, a winding staircase, alongside a completely prepared sit-up bar and games table.

Arranged on the lower deck, the rich proprietor’s suite is furnished with an ace report, alongside isolated ‘His and Her’ washrooms.

The vessel can move at a top speed of 14.5 knots “when not cruising” and a trans-maritime scope of 4,900 nautical miles at 10 bunches.

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