France Continues Its Clean Up Exercise By Banning Plastics…

France environment ministry has announced that, from January 2022, the country will ban plastic packaging for virtually all leafy foods (fruits and vegetables).

Carrying out a February 2020 law, the French government published a list of around 30 products of the soil that should be sold without plastic packaging from January 1. The list includes leeks, aubergines and round tomatoes, apples, bananas and oranges.

As per the ministry of environment, the France use a preposterous measure of single-used plastic in their regular routines. Hence, the law targets scaling back the utilization of expendable plastic and lift its replacement by different materials or reusable and recyclable packaging.

The outfit assessed that 37% of foods grown from the ground (fruits and vegetables) are sold with packaging and expects that the action will forestall more than one billion pointless plastic packaging things each year.

Meanwhile, French fruit sellers federation president Francois Roch says, changing to cardboard will be difficult in a brief time frame.

She further said, selling free produce is muddled as numerous customers touch the fruit, and just don’t want them to be touched by other customers.

The packaging ban is essential for a multi-year government program to eliminate plastic. Since the start of 2021, France has banned plastic straws, cups and cutlery, just as styrofoam takeaway boxes.

Cut fruits and a predetermined number of sensitive products of the soil can in any case be sold with plastic packaging for the time being, nevertheless that will be eliminated by end June 2026.


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Plastic packaging will be banned by end June 2023 for cherry tomatoes, green beans and peaches, and by end 2024 for endives, asparagus, mushrooms, a few plates of mixed greens and spices as well as cherries.

Also, by end June 2026, raspberries, strawberries and other fragile berries should be sold without plastic.

From 2022, public spaces should give drinking fountains to decrease the utilization of plastic jugs; press and publicity publications should be sold without plastic wrapping, while drive-thru eateries can at this point not offer free plastic toys.

From January 2023, France will also ban throwaway crockery in fast-food restaurant for meals consumed on-site.

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