Frank Stella: BMW’s High Ranked Art Car Designed For You!

Aside from BMW’s lavish vehicles, their Art vehicles have additionally drawn in many people particularly the loyal customers all over the world.

BMW has collaborated with Acute Art, a pioneer in digital art experiences, to rejuvenate these iconic models indeed.

The BMW Art Cars infer the incredible connection up between car icons like the BMW M1 or the BMW Z1, and world-popular artists like Roy Lichtenstein and Jeff Koons.

Interestingly, the organization has an App called- – The Accute Art App, which conveys the works of art to you any time, anyplace all over the world to your carport, lounge, office or your #1 bistro – all by the wizardry of increased reality.

There are no restrictions with regards to where and how you can jump into this vivid 360° experience.

BMW’s unique and diverse collection of a total of 19 BMW Art Cars was created since 1975, in collaboration with renowned international artists. The BMW customed cars were designed by top international artists. The Art cars come in different colours and sizes which includes:

Alexander Calder / BMW 3.0 CSL / 1975

Frank Stella / BMW 3.0 CSL / 1976

Roy Lichtenstein / BMW 320i Turbo / 1977

Andy Warhol / BMW M1 / 1979

Ernst Fuchs / BMW 635 CSi / 1982

Robert Rauschenberg / BMW 635 CSi / 1986

Michael Jagamara Nelson / BMW M3 Group A / 1989

Ken Done / BMW M3 Group A / 1989

Matazo Kayama / BMW 535i / 1990

César Manrique / BMW 730i / 1990

A.R. Penck / BMW Z1 / 1991

Esther Mahlangu / BMW 525i / 1991

Sandro Chia / BMW M3 GTR / 1992

David Hockney / BMW 850 CSi / 1995

Jenny Holzer / BMW V12 LMR / 1999

Ólafur Elíasson / BMW H2R / 2007

Jeff Koons / BMW M3 GT2 / 2010

Cao Fei / BMW M6 GT3 / 2017

John Baldessari / BMW M6 GTLM / 2016

These cars are now popular, thanks to French racing driver Hervé Poulain who came up with the idea of getting a race car designed by an artist in 1975. At the time no-one could foresee what would develop from it.

BMW Group To Electrify All Its Model With Billions Of Euros By 2025

One of the vehicles which has also acquired prominence is Frank Stella/BMW 3.0 CSL/1976, which is positioned number 2 on the list of Art vehicles from BMW.

Frank Stella also took on a BMW 3.0 CSL, which additionally partook in the Le Mans perseverance race – bearing the number 21. For motorsport fan Stella, planning the second vehicle in the BMW Art Cars series was a unique honor. The plan of his work of car workmanship was propelled by the specialized premise of the automotive art.

The result was a grid of lines that looked like oversized graph paper. Everything was black and white, which meant that this race car, with its enormous 750 hp of engine power, stood out from its many competitors in the starting field, especially the more colorful ones. As with Calder’s car, the BMW artwork was actually realized by BMW’s legendary paint master, Walter Maurer.

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