Fraudsters Attacking Banks – The Bank Of Ghana Worried

For quite a while, online fraudsters have taken over the internet in the Ghanaian financial sector by ‘attacking’ Mobile Money operators thoughtlessly.

The puzzling circumstance was so much that, it influenced the mobile money (MOMO) business here and there, as people were terrified of the issue.

Notwithstanding, financial regulators continued warning clients to be careful with such people, text messages and calls, swindling guiltless individuals by means of mobile money. These folks have gone past MOMO to focus on the traditional financial organizations in Ghana.

They presumably are finished with their business as usual with the Mobile money ‘deal’, therefore have veered to the banks and other budgetary organizations.

They are forcefully ‘besieging’ some banks with their activities. This has subsequently raised worries of how to deal with these savvy fraudsters.

Concerning this, the Bank of Ghana has given an admonition to every single monetary organization to be aware of this new kind of mobile money misrepresentation.

As indicated by BoG, fraudsters call bank staffs, tellers particularly, professing to be from the service center of one of the broadcast communications organizations.

The fraudsters at that point continue to tell the staff that they have been told to prepare them on the inversion procedure for mobile money transactions.

As a major aspect of the procedure, the staff would be approached to enter certain codes on the mobile platform. The codes entered lead to the charging of the bank’s mobile wallet.

Per its order, the Bank of Ghana plans to bring issues to light among organizations to this specific extortion to help limit its occurrence.

The Bank Of Ghana have prompted banks to guarantee that all staff personnels are made mindful of the extortion type and have urged them to have at any rate, two people dealing with all mobile money transactions at a bank branch.

The designated MoMo staff must not take instructions directly from the Telco’s representatives.

According to the Central Bank, any correspondence between delegates of Telcos and bank staffs ought to be endorsed first by the Telcos’ head office.

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