Freda Rhymz Went ‘Off’, But She’s Back With A Beautiful Track

Freda Rhymz

Before she disappeared from the music scene, rapper Freda Rhymz was releasing incredible songs like Jamming, Saucy, Point Of Correction, and a plethora of other hits.

After a long absence from music, the Ghanaian rapper and songwriter has released a new song titled “Don’t Kiss Me” to reawaken her fans. The rapper stated in a recent Peace FM interview that she went into hibernation for two years because her music career was not going as planned.

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The award-winning rapper claims that she was frustrated, and as a result, she felt pressured to take a necessary break. This was especially true when she anticipated that her career would expand beyond what she was seeing.

According to the Trap Queen, the pressure to put everything down was “overwhelming.” She responded positively when asked if her previous record label helped her career, pointing out that they could have done more.

The 30-year-old said that her fans kept putting pressure on her to release a song and asking if she was okay and other questions. In fact, she couldn’t handle the pressure. But the good news is, she is back with the beautiful hit song “Don’t Kiss Me” to answer all of the questions.

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