Free Flight For Social Media Influencers To The Coachella Valley Music And Arts Festival

TikTok(ers) have something refreshing to smile about. If your TikTok videos have become a web sensation or you’re one way or another exceptionally well known on Instagram, you would perhaps catch a trip on a new airline that is only for online content creators.

Willa, an internet based payment organization that takes special care of social media creators, has launched an airline called Willa Air – and its first journey will take 12 fortunate influencers or powerhouses to this month’s Coachella Valley Music and Arts Festival on a selective, and free flight.

Apart from the free travel, the airline’s extravagance offerings comes with a pre-flight champagne bar and a post-festival end of the week detox with IV trickles, rubs and a juice bar at the organization’s Venice Beach relax in Los Angeles, as per its website.

The flight will endure under 60 minutes, during which time influencers will have champagne, beverages and sweet. They will also have the opportunity to team up with their kindred content creators.

Launched in 2019, Willa’s payment platform is pointed toward aiding freelancers, particularly content creators, request and receive payments quickly from brands, sponsors and other collaborators.

The organization said in 2021 that it had raised $21 million up in investment financing and had a shortlist of in excess of 150,000 freelancers.

Willa Air was launched to give superfast and advantageous travel to the content creators who are streaming off to events across the U.S. The organization was established with the mission of helping creators, and fast, consistent travel is one of the numerous ways they are supporting their audience.

While the main trip for Willa Air will take only 12 travelers to Coachella, the organization says it’s also arranging future excursions, including one to New York City’s Fashion Week event in September 2022.

Willa Air is taking more time for the free Coachella departure from content creators who are 18 years or older and can depart from Los Angeles, California on April 15. Creators have until April 8 to apply, and the organization will tell them by April 11 who was picked.

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Anybody can apply – there’s no base number of social media followers required to be one of the chosen creators who fly for free. But, the company admits that it will show a preference for applicants who are already users of Willa’s payment services platform.

As a matter of fact, the more payment request you send through Willa paving the way up to April 8, the more probable you’ll get a ticket to travel to Coachella, as indicated by Willa’s site.

Willa’s site also clarifies that getting picked for the free flight doesn’t pay for your ticket to Coachella. A three-day ticket during this year’s festival at present beginnings at $549, before taxes and charges, for general affirmation.

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