Who Is This Beautiful Frema Ashkar?

Frema Ashkar

In recent times, women have demonstrated their value in society by engaging themselves with various tasks. A considerable lot of them are into various positions – and Ghanaian telecaster Frema Ashkar is no exception.

The delightful screen moderator got going on a humble note and have steadily grown from that point to date. The media practitioner has been able to win the hearts of numerous people with her irresistible character notwithstanding her smiles on TV.

Watching Frema Ashkar is very engaging. Apart from the information she provides for the audience, her appealing personality also pulls individuals in to watch.

Similarly as with each yearning and determined individual, Frema had the enthusiasm to do radio and TV, hence she put in more eagerness in whatever she was doing.

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Working with Metro TV, TV3 networks (which are all truly valid media houses) and several media outfits in Ghana has given her the needed experience in the media space. She has two or three TV shows including those that has to do with tourism, news reporting, documentaries and so forth.

The artiste manager, public relations manager and advertiser, was the CEO of a TV production house- – Fablinks Co. in 2014 for quite a while prior to ending up in large media houses.

The University of Ghana graduate and media personality has additionally worked with ETV Ghana and presently, she is a news anchor on CiTi FM and TV.

Frema Ashkar has disregarded all hindrances on a her way, and has been reliable and profoundly focused on her career.


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