Full List Of Countries That Have Banned Food Exports

Numerous countries have banned wheat, as well as other food exports because of the Ukraine crisis.

As the war proceeds, there is a developing probability that food footages, especially grains and vegetable oils, will become intense, driving more countries to go to limitations on trade. This is according to Institute for International Economics (PIIE), a Washington D.C.- based think tank.

Among the countries is India who has banned wheat trades, becoming the furthest down the line country to do as such as the cost of grain flooded for the current year due to the Russia-Ukraine war.

The war has set off an enormous spike in wheat prices, with Russia and Ukraine among the biggest exporters of the ware. The two countries represent 29% of worldwide wheat exports, as per the World Bank.

Wheat prices took off around 6% on Monday May 16, after India’s weekend announcement.

Russia and Ukraine are among the top five worldwide exporters for the overwhelming many significant cereals and oilseeds, for example, grain, sunflowers and sunflower oil, as well as maize, as per PIIE.

India isn’t the only one banning wheat. Notwithstanding Russia and Ukraine, Egypt, Kazakhstan, Kosovo and Serbia have also done same.

Prices have gone up for a wide assortment of other food items, adding to rising inflation around the world. A portion of these items include sunflower oil, palm oil, manures and grains.

As the conflict proceeds, there is a developing probability that food deficiencies, especially of grains and vegetable oils, will become intense…

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Ukraine has not been able to export grains, fertilizers and vegetable oil, while the conflict is also destroying crop fields and preventing a normal planting season. The government has also accused Russia of stealing several hundred thousand metric tons of grain and reselling them.

A Group of 7 industrialized nations have issued a warning about the risk of a world hunger crisis unless Russia lifts a blockade on Ukrainian grain that’s currently stuck at Ukrainian ports, according to the Financial Times.

Here’s a list of countries that have banned food exports in the months after the Russia-Ukraine war started, according to a live tracker developed by the PIIE.


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