Gabon’s Ecotourism Boosted: Ready To Monetize Its Rich Biodiversity

Gabon is one of the West African nations with delightful vacation destinations. The travel industry is dynamic here, especially with its 13 National parks.

Nonetheless, the country is intending to take advantage of its travel industry potential to launch an ecotourism venture to adapt its rich biodiversity.

The project which was launched on the 3rd of March, 2021 is known as the “African Ecotourism Safari“. And the project will add to the improvement of the tourism sector in Gabon, the upgrade of national parks and the advancement of employment while regarding the models of reasonable turn of events and benefit.

Authorities of the sector plan to set up a multidisciplinary research centre, zeroed in on the preservation and growth of several eco-lodges in the network of national parks, Loango in the south of the country, Moukalaba Doudou in the south-west, Lopé and Ivindo in the east, and Pongara in the west of the nation, close to Libreville.

Ecotourism is plainly one of the income generators of Gabon’s Strategic Plan. Consequently the nation hopes to generate around 25 billion CFA francs, or around 38 million euros, by 2025.

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