George Floyd’s Death: England Stand With The World Against Racism With Illumination Of Beautiful Purple Buildings

As at now, each and everyone around the world knows about George Floyd’s agonizing demise in Minneapolis on the 25th of May, 2020. His passing has raised anarchy everywhere throughout the world, especially the United States as protests and damages to properties have happened in many parts of the U.S.

Heads of States and numerous countries have shown worry by demonstrating compassion and sending sympathies to the bereaved (George Floyd’s) family.

That said, in memory of the late George Floyd and to show solidarity, some notable institutions across England have had their buildings painted with purple. The light ups are in tribute to Mr Floyd, who passed on after a white cop bowed on his neck in Minneapolis, on that portentous day.

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His passing started global protests against prejudice and police ruthlessness through the Black Lives Matter crusade.

On Tuesday night (2nd June, 2020), structures 4,000 miles away in England were lit purple to represent the torment and shock that has started enormous scope revolts in America .

As one of the most elevated ethnic minority communities in the UK, Newham remain in solidarity with George Floyd’s loved ones, the people of Minneapolis, and each and every individual who keeps on challenging bigotry, segregation and imbalance.

Tons of people are battling for Justice to be served for Floyd and his family, therefore each and everybody in the UK have come together to fight against prejudice, disdain and bias in the entirety of its structures.

The Brent Civic Center in England was lit up in solidarity with each one of those battling unfairness and police fierceness. Practically all people groups remain with black communities in the US, Brent and around the globe.

The Library of Birmingham, Liverpool, Wythenshawe Hall, City Hall in Briston, Leeds Civic Hall, Southwater working in Telford and City Hall in Norwich were all beautifully illuminated in purple to stand against bigotry.

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