George Floyd’s Death: Halle Berry Joins The #SayTheirNames

Halle Berry

Halle Maria Berry is an American actress who has won the Academy Award for Best Actress for her performance in the romantic drama film ‘Monster’s Ball’, becoming the only woman of African American plunge and the only woman of colour to have won the honor.

The 53 year old was regular on our TV screens a few years back, and I construe numerous people have missed her after quite a while. Berry has re-emerged again after George Floyd’s ‘Black Lives Matter’ campaign that has been drifting throughout recent weeks. This campaign has evoked many people including big names who may have gone into hibernation for quite a while like Halle Berry.

The actress took to Instagram over the weekend to share a composition of Tamir Rice, George Floyd, Breonna Taylor and a few other African Americans who have been casualties of racial savagery, on the side of the #SayTheirNames crusade which is also another campaign.

The crusade urges social media users to mention the names of survivors of police mercilessness and spotlight on what their identity was as people, as opposed to just recognizing them by the demonstrations of savagery that ended their lives. Halle Berry shared a collage to show her support.

The collage features pictures of in excess of 30 African American casualties of brutality, going back to Emmett Till, an adolescent in Mississippi who was lynched in 1955 subsequent to being blamed for culpable a white lady at a supermarket.

Aside from Halle Berry, a few powerful performers like Jaden Smith, Janet Jackson, and numerous others have recently utilized the #SayTheirNames hashtag.

This hashtag was created in 2016, and it has presently got steam after the passing of George Floyd and various fights around the country against police mercilessness.

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