George Floyd’s Death: Pope Francis Shows Gratitude To Bishop Seitz And Other Priests

Pope Francis shows gratitude to Bishop Mark J. Seitz of El Paso

The horrifying passing of George Floyd has surely carried the world to stun and at the same time, brought everyone together, as people are by all accounts oppressed by Floyd’s painful demise. As a result, thousands of people have shown empathy for him.

On third June, 2020, Pope Francis is said to have called Floyd’s demise as very awful and prayed for him and every one of the people who have lost their lives because of the wrongdoing of bigotry.

The most recent to also appeal to God for Floyd is Catholic Bishop Mark Seitz. The Bishop and twelve other ministers from the Diocese of El Paso bowed peacefully for 8 minutes and 46 seconds to petition God for George Floyd.

With eyes shut, masks covering their faces, white roses close by and an inscription in their hand that read “Black Lives Matter,” they demonstrated sympathy through their supplications. Their prayer was one moment approach to participate in what such a large number of are doing in their tranquil fights.

After the clerics’ supplications for Floyd, the Pope was exceptionally intrigued and thankful to them for their commitment through prayer to the passing of Floyd. The Pope himself called Bishop Seitz by means of telephone to express gratitude toward him for reacting to Floyd’s demise.

Meanwhile, after the petitions, Bishop Seitz exhorted all to halt from the demonstration of bias. According to Seitz, wherever there is a lack of respect for human beings, where there’s a judgment based on the color of their skin, this has to be rooted out.

He further expressed:

“Whether it’s in law enforcement, in business, in government, in any aspect of our society, this has to change. And now we know very clearly that the Holy Father is making this his prayer.”

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