Germany Has Rejected More Visa Applications From African Students..

Germany’s Left-wing politician MP Cornelia Moehring has raised worries that African students are being victimized by the German authorities, dismissing the greater part of their student visas. In the last ten years, 20% of African visa applicants were turned down, according to the Foreign Office.

The rejection rate was very large between 2015 and 2019 when around 30% were dismissed every year. The Left party actually thinks that German officials frequently reject student visa applications filed by African nationals.

Reacting to left-wing MP Cornelia Möhring’s claims, the Foreign Office revealed that no less than 20% of all visa applications filed by African students have been dismissed over the most recent decade.

Altogether, 70,673 visas were given to students from African countries between 2012 and 2022, and 2,349 were for African researchers, while one more 18,570 student visa applications and 48 researchers from African nations were dismissed between 2014 and 2022.

The number of visas rejected between 2012 and 2014 is not documented, but the rate since 2012 is likely even higher. The number was especially large between 2015 and 2019 when around 30% were rejected every year.

There was increased recognition as the federal government switched to the traffic light coalition; last year, nine percent were dismissed. It is not surprising that there are still a significant underrepresentation of African students in Germany.

The Left has condemned the government saying that the examination of visa requirements creates “a general suspicion towards students from the Global South.”

According to Möhring, even character and social characteristics are examined. The federal government denied the claims of discrimination against African students

When making their decision, the body issuing the title and the authorities involved in the decision are bound to the fulfilment of all the conditions for granting the right of residence.

Ghana Introduces A Visa-On-Arrival System For Africans In The Diaspora

According to Schengen Statistics, Nigerians, Ghanaians and South Africans are the most rejected nationalities for short-term visas in Europe. More specifically, out of 86,815 visa applicants from Nigeria, around 39,189 were rejected in 2022, while the country that denied most visas was France – a total of 15,286.

Germany also denied 3,407 out of 7,914 visa applications by this nationality group, accounting for a rejection rate of 43.1 per cent.

Ghana applicants have also filed a total of 42,124 visa applications in 2022, 18,363 of which were denied. The country to have received the most visa applications from this nationality was the Netherlands – 9,603 and subsequently, had the highest rejection rate out of all – 4,896 applicants of 51 per cent rejection rate.

Germany followed second with 8,150 visa applications received and 1,972 rejected applications, accounting for almost a quarter of the requests being denied (24.2 per cent).

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