Ghana Banks To Use Aircraft To Transport Cash Around The Country

For quite a while, looters have been on the neck of drivers of Bullion vans that transport cash from one point to the next destination. All Ghanaian banks usually utilize these vans with police escorts, albeit not many of them don’t go with police guards, which of course, is extremely risky.

The situation is deteriorating as a portion of these carriers including the police are even killed by these unscrupulous people.

Taking into account these attacks, the Bank of Ghana Governor Dr. Ernest Addison, is up with something new to halt the recent rising situation.

The Governor unveiled this to the press on Monday, 28th of September 2020, as he said the move is one of the contemplations being taken a gander at of the accompanying attack s on bullion vans.

As indicated by him:

“This is about the third or so occasion that we have had the type of incident (attacks on bullion vans). All of them are using these Nissan pickup trucks that have been converted into bullion van”.

He in this manner expressed that, their outfit is doing everything possible to perceive how they can team up with the banks so the two players will have a safer method of moving cash around the country.

Meanwhile, Dr. Addison has already met with the Air Vice Marshal and he has offered to help the banks with the lifting of money around the country using some of the airplane available to them.

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