Ghana Card To Be Available To All Ghanaians Before…

The Electoral Commission of Ghana says it has been guaranteed by the National Identification Authority (NIA) that the Ghana Card will be made available to each and everyone before the commission starts its consistent elector registration, ahead of schedule one year from now.

The commission in a Constitutional Instrument (C.I) laid before Parliament has proposed the utilization of the Ghana Card as the sole distinguishing proof document for the impending registration exercise.

This decision by the EC has brought to the front worries by certain partners in the electoral process that making the Ghana Card the only form of recognizable proof for the registration exercise would prompt the disappointment of numerous qualified citizens.

Striking among the stakeholders that have raised concerns about the use of the Ghana Card is the main opposition political party- National Democratic Congress (NDC).

As per the Electoral commission, they are in contact with the NIA and they had given a confirmation that the challenges related with the issuance of the Ghana Card would be a relic of past times before the year’s over.

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NIA has rolled out 291 registration centres, we are also going to roll out 267 registration centres. People will therefore have access to the Ghana Card to enable them to get their names onto the register.

The decision by the EC for the Ghana Card to be used as the sole form of identification was because the exercise would be on until October 7, 2024, and by that time, all eligible voters might have had their Ghana Card to enable them to get their names onto the voters roll.

According to the EC, there is sufficient time for all Ghanaians to get their Ghana Card in the next two years during which time the exercise would be on from January 2023 to October 7, 2024 and, in this way, no qualified citizen would be forgotten about.

Meanwhile, the EC had designated to register 1.8 million eligible voters for the duration of the exercise.

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