Ghana Goes Into Agreement With Cocoa And Chocolate Companies To Save Dying Forests In Cocoa Growing Areas

Ghana, Cocoa and chocolate organizations has announced a collaboration to speed up coordinated effort to protect and restore forests in cocoa-growing territories.

With this arrangement, the World Cocoa Foundation (WCF) and the Forestry Commission of Ghana (GFC) are building a partnership to additionally adjust the Ghana Cocoa Forest REDD+ Program (GCFRP) and the Cocoa and Forests Initiative to accomplish no deforestation responsibilities.


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The Memorandum of Understanding, endorsed by the Forestry Commission of Ghana and the World Cocoa Foundation, submits the parties to cooperating in six districts where the government of Ghana has focused on activity to secure and restore forests.

The work in these Hotspot Intervention Areas has effectively begun, with dynamic commitment in a few region like the Asunafo-Asutifi, Bia-Juaboso, Kakum and Sefwi-Bibiani scenes.

It is lined up with responsibilities illuminated in the Ghana system for activity endorsed in November 2017 for the milestone Cocoa and Forests Initiative, a special partnership of 35 organizations, governments and cocoa-growing communities.

As a component of the Memorandum of Understanding, the Forestry Commission will make easy the development of vital activities, team up on conventions for data collection and guarantee more grounded observing on friendly and natural issues.

The World Cocoa Foundation is additionally answerable for working with the coordination and assembling the activities of the 35 cocoa and chocolate organizations that have signed the Cocoa and Forests agreement. WCF will in this way, support the observation and assessment, innovation and private-public learning.

The joint effort is to eagerly add to real and obvious emission decreases in Ghana’s valuable forest scenes which are home to different types of wildlife and furthermore give significant occupation choices to country inhabitants.

Putting a stop to cocoa-related deforestation is a principle need, and it requires all partners to cooperate. That said, WCF and cocoa and chocolate organizations are fortifying their coordinated effort with the government of Ghana to accomplish the set target.

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