Ghana Has Launched Wear Ghana Festival!

Ghana’s local fabrics in different colours

Tourism has obviously moved from the regular destination visits to other areas like food, dress and even culture. At the point when you travel to India for example, you promptly interface who they are through their style of dressing. However, Ghana then again, has also authoritatively propelled the country’s Wear Ghana Festival for 2020.

The third version of the Wear Ghana has the point of promoting local materials just as creating employment for the youth who are into the style industry. Along these lines, dressmakers will consistently be caught up with putting together bits of material to make lovely dresses for the entire country.

Ghana’s 2020 celebration themed “Hy3 Wode3” (Wear Your Own) is being composed by the National Commission on Culture (NCC) as a team with the Ghana Textile Production (GTP), National Theater, Ghana Tourism Authority (GTA) and Street Fashion Train.

The celebration is to elevate national identity and to urge everyone including organizations to embrace local texture designs and patterns in their formal attire, regalia and paraphernalia’s. Since the best fascination of a group of people is what they wear, Ghana is doing this to promote Ghana to the world.

The celebration would also be launched in all of the sixteen Regional Centers for National Culture in Ghana. The country wants to utilize this style of tourism to draw in vacationers and corporate elements to become tied up with this. Curiously, the President of Ghana, His Excellency Nana Addo Dankwa Akufo-Addo began wearing Ghana even before this occasion.

The President of Ghana in local texture shirts

He was constantly found in his sleek local texture shirts just as other government officials who wear the local fabric. The celebration would get Ghana on the world guide through design as a major aspect of the festival. The Wear Ghana Festival has just started with different activities going on.

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