Ghana Is Set To Construct A New Air Traffic Control Tower Due To A Warning Issued By International Authorities

Ghana is set to construct a new Air Traffic Control tower (ATC) for its air terminal Kotoka International Airport (KIA). This is expected to begin in June 2021.

The construction which is expected in a couple of months time, comes because of a warning given to the country by International Civil Aviation Organization (ICAO) to change their tower.

Ghana has along these lines no choice but to rapidly organize another one. The ATC tower which is situated on top of the Ghana Civil Aviation Authority’s workplaces and lies next to the Terminal 2 of the airport, will be changed soon.

The Control Tower is the focal center point for coordination of many safe and proficient airplane movements through the landing strip at the country’s fundamental global air terminal consistently.

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ATC is a ground-based service provider in the customarily tall air control towers. Regulators who work in these towers are indispensable for securely coordinating and exploring planes through the neighborhood airspace, to land and during take-off.

Air traffic regulators, or aviation authority officials, have a broad measure of schooling and experience that empower them to order the skies with certainty.

An air traffic regulator applies division rules to the airplane that they direct. Partition rules are utilized to control the distance among planes and airplane by requiring a base distance between them. This is to expand safety and diminish superfluous danger for pilots and travelers.

The construction of a new Air Traffic Control Tower (ATC) offers the opportunity to create a landmark structure that is the symbolic reference for the airport and its status.

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