Ghana Music Industry Is Run By Incompetent And Corrupt People – Reggie


Reggie ‘n’ Bollie is a Ghanaian music group based in the UK, who have made all the name most definitely. Reggie is a member from this comprehensively realized music group, and has as of late vent his disappointment on the leaders of the music bodies in Ghana.

As indicated by Reggie, he doesn’t understand why with all the incredible talents, Ghanaian artists are as yet struggling financially.

Speaking to a local radio broadcast (Neat FM) in Ghana, he said even in this time of lockdown in the UK, their group, Reggie ‘n’ Bollie are making £2,500 every month consistently through their music. He stated, as music business visionaries, this is what the UK government is supporting them with, in spite of the fact that it’s not on a par with what they would’ve made out of shows in the UK.

Reggie says, they are exceptionally thankful to the UK government, however same can’t be said about Ghana’s music industry. Performers are enduring in Ghana to the degree that, some get royalties of under $100 for a half year streams.

Reggie is pissed with the leaders of the music business particularly Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO), saying they could’ve shown improvement over what they’re doing now but for the degenerate attitude and ineptitudes, they care less about what the artists are experiencing.

Reggie explained more on how they’re making it a thousand times in the UK contrasted with when they were in Ghana years back. Other than all these, he additionally bemoaned about how radio moderators get token amounts of money before playing the music of the already ‘broke’ artists. However, he can’t accuse them entirely since they are similarly not generously compensated.

He proposed that, great monetization structures are to be set up for the Ghanaian music business to prosper. Besides, Reggie, said until Ghana disposes of these bumbling and degenerate authorities at the music bodies, the industry will proceed to endure, and artists will also feel the pain more.

He said every single radio broadcast, bloggers, TV stations, print media and numerous others are to hold hands to rapidly observe the correct approaches to support the business. If not, sitting on radio and continually talking about regular old issues wouldn’t unravel the problem of the business.

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