Ghana National Security In Collaboration With GRA Tackles Revenue Leakages

Ghana’s Minister for National Security, Mr Albert Kan-Dapaah has entreated body of workers and administration of the Ghana Revenue Authority (GRA) to tackle revenue leakages, specially at key income producing factors in the country to assist shield Ghana’s financial security.

According to the Minister, the revenue leakages, comes as a end result of the complicity of some personnel of the corporation who he described as “ bad nuts.”

Mr Kan-Dapaah said:

The actions of these “few bad nuts tend to obscure and negate the numerous positive works of the Authority. Now more than ever, the GRA and for that matter, Ghana, need men and women of integrity to block leakages in the system. To succeed in doing this, the Authority must do all it can to root out those bad nuts”.

He was speaking on Wednesday, December 29, 2021 at a sensitisation workshop on the National Security Strategy for Commissioners of the GRA in Accra-Ghana.

The government, he said, had applied measures such as the Immediate Tax Force (ITF) and the Revenue, Assurance and Compliance (RACE) Initiative to complement the efforts of the GRA in blocking off revenue leakages, but the leakages have continued due to constrained cooperation and collaboration between the GRA and security agencies.

“The coming into force of the National Security Strategy, would avert this problem by promoting multi-agency cooperation toward safeguarding the economic security of the State,” he said.

The Minister said, this was due to the fact that, the approach would “place the work of the GRA at the very coronary heart of all safety concerns of the State, implying a superior cooperation between State Security and Intelligence Agencies and the GRA in stopping leakages.”

He stated it would additionally open new channels of conversation amongst actors tasked with the responsibility of bettering home income mobilization and do away with obstacles that militate towards environment friendly income collection.

The failure of the GRA to mobilize the wanted revenues for government, he pointed out, would serve as the catalyst to plunge the state into an age of discord and maybe truncate Ghana’s lengthy years of relative peace and steadiness in the West African sub-region.

He stated trends which have been recorded in the country such as improved agitations for the enchancment in the residing stipulations of residents main to the emergence of stress groups, and the latest gridlock in Parliament over the introduction of the E-levy, shed mild on the magnitude of the monetary safety threats that confronted the country.

Mr Dapaah stated these monetary security threats had been tightly related to the potential of the State to generate revenues and address the socio-economic issues dealing with the country.

He in addition said, many nations in sub-Saharan Africa had been exploring methods to widen the tax internet and enlarge home income mobilization as the solely effective potential to repair their economies to normalcy and that Ghana used to be no exception, even although these measures from time to time imposed a sure diploma of pain on the citizenry.

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