Ghana Police Service Commended By Nigerians

They may have their challenges, which is very normal in every human institution, however the Ghana Police service is presently being lauded for their wonderful operations. Indeed, many people may have their assessments of sometimes the poor services of a section of the staff of the Ghana police, but this time they have been contrasted with their neighbors, the Nigeria Police force. For some days now, many Nigerians have rioted on the streets to demand an end to police brutality in the country.

The situation is by all accounts, getting out of hands as a new video circulating on social media shows a man supposedly being executed by the Nigerian Police’s Special Anti-Robbery Squad (SARS). As a criminal investigative department under the Nigerian Police force, SARS was expected by the people of Nigeria to convey proficient services.

Notwithstanding, greater part of the country’s residents see something else other than what their responsibilities are. They rather see the force capturing and having public conflicts with the people, along these lines have violated its limits and is presently mishandling its forces.

This commotion has incited some Nigerian citizens to glorify the Ghana Police Service for their polite handling of issues towards its residents. In the midst of the fights and online solidarity via social media, several Nigerians have imparted their experience with the Ghana Police Service and appear to have engender support to them.

The Nigerians living in Ghana, have shared their wonderful encounters with the Ghana Police Service, but what set off the rant of messages was this one by Adedoyin Debbie:

“No jokes, the first time I saw Ghana Police and they stopped us on our way back to our Airbnb apartment around 2 am, they were so polite. I was asleep and the Police woke me up to be sure that I wasn’t kidnapped or something, after he confirmed he let us go. I felt safe in Ghana.”

After this tweet, huge number of Nigerians have lashed out to SARS to learn from their Ghanaian police counterparts to be amenable and wary in its way to deal with battling wrongdoing. More Nigerians have poured in their messages recognizing the Ghana Police for their excellent services in managing even crooks at whatever point they are arrested.

The Ghana Police Service in February 2018 launched a groundbreaking system intended to build a top notch Police Service equipped for managing customary and emerging crimes. The program rotated around five topical regions – government assistance and expert advancement of officials, community policing, criminal investigations, monitoring and foreign relations, and information and communication technology (ICT).

Two years down the line, the consequences of the system appears to have been felt abroad through the praises showered from their Nigerian countrymen.

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