Ghana Should Think Twice About Misuse Of Power For Political Interest – New Force

Shallie Abbiusi

A political movement, New Force has called on the government of Ghana to reconsider what it describes as the misuse of power for political interest.

Counsel for New Force representative, Shallie Abbiusi, Francis Xavier Sosu has affirmed repatriation of his client, portraying the cycle as despicable and a crime of her rights.

The Ghana Immigration Service (GIS) on Tuesday denied the stay permit of Shalimar Abbiusi and was ‘booted out’ of the country.

Shalimar, who was rearrested a couple of minutes after the Kaneshie District Court had released endless supply of the charges sheet, was localized via Brussels Airlines at 10pm on December Tuesday 19.

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In a statement by the New Force, they indicated that they stand for the empowerment of people and therefore, “it deeply saddens us, hearing the unsettling circumstances and experiences she had.”

“Shallie’s impeccable conduct is a reminder to the international community about the importance of fully embracing human rights laws, democracy, justice, the presumption of innocence and the burden of proof even in difficult circumstances. An honourable life is not lived without friction.

“We apologize for the disregard of international human rights laws in our Republic of Ghana. In a gesture of accountability, we extend apologies to the Kingdom of Belgium, the EU committee and the international community at large,” the New Force stated.

It continued:

“We hope that you do not retaliate in kind. We hope that Ghana reconsiders their reported misuse of power for political interests and realigns herself with a robust legal framework that preserves our global standing as a country of justice and peace.”

The lady in question Shallie Abbiusi is an award winning TV Star, model and a spokesperson for the New Force Movement ( an emerging political party) in Ghana. Shallie is also a former international beauty queen.

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