Ghana: The ‘Outstanding Africa Tourism Media & Marketing’ Country..

At the recent Africa Tourism Leadership Forum Awards, which were held at the Grand Palm Gaborone International Convention Centre in Botswana, Ghana’s tourism dominated. The Ghana Tourism Authority took home the “Outstanding Africa Tourism Media & Marketing Award.”

The “Destination Africa – Lifetime Award” was presented to Ghana’s Minister of Tourism, Arts, and Culture, Dr. Mohammed Awal, for his role in bringing about positive change in the African tourism industry over the past few years.

For promoting Destination Africa, the Ghana Tourism Authority received the “Outstanding Africa Tourism Media & Marketing Award.” Roberta Dawson-Amoah, the director, received the award. As a result, Ghana was praised for laying the groundwork for the rest of Africa.

The most significant contribution that media and/or marketing have made to altering the perception of Africa is honored with this award.

Ghana’s “Year of Return” campaign and its follow-up, “Beyond the Return,” were mentioned as having contributed to the creation of a continental brand with a renewed focus on Africa in order to attract more of the continent’s diaspora market. These campaigns highlighted opportunities to celebrate Africa and Africans and created opportunities for many people to return and invest.

Ghana was recognized at the event

The “December in GH” campaign helped change the global perception of a “white Christmas” into a Christmas full of African culture, fashion, music, dance, and dialogues highlighting the new “Destination Africa” brand, and the campaigns are said to have opened the door for hundreds of diasporans to receive citizenship in Ghana and other African nations.

The organizers invited everyone to go to Ghana in December.

GhanaAirlines’ Is Expected To Be Operationalized In 2023

The ATLF technical and digital media team also included Ghanaian officials. Mr. Francis Doku, who also served as a guest panelist, led a team from 3 Media’s arrival. Voyages Afriq and UNWTO’s Kojo Bentum Williams were also present.

The ATLF Awards are Africa’s only pan-African industry awards. For the travel, tourism, hospitality, and aviation industries in Africa, it honors and celebrates innovators and change-makers born in Africa.

Nominees who can demonstrate their commitment to sustainability in tourism practices and policymaking receive special attention and recognition. Individuals, small businesses, nations, heads of state, destinations, cities, hotel groups, organizations, heads of state, policymakers, and entrepreneurs are among the nominees and winners.

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