Ghana Trade Fair To Be Transformed Into A Beautiful High-end Facility

Ghana Trade Fair aerial view

The Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited under, the Ministry of Trade and Industry, has signed a Memorandum of Understanding with Stellar Holding Pte. Ltd of Singapore to re-develop the Trade Fair Site in Accra.

Under the agreement, Stellar Holding Pte. Ltd has been asked by the Government of Ghana to redevelop the Trade Fair site into a blended use, modern office with a top of the line conference hall, show offices and supporting facilities.

Stage 1, under the Mou, will zero in on developing the Convention Center and Exhibition Halls to hold the World Economic Forum, Africa. The Phase 2 will also be seeing high-class facilities including lavish hotels, top of the line shopping centers and other private and business development.

As per officials of the Ghana Trade Fair Company Limited, the board will in the next weeks coming put out a timetable of booked works and activities within the next month.

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The two parties had previously discussed this project back in 2019, about the works including adjusting of the land, and the construction of infrastructure including roads, drains, relocation and extension of utilities as well as partitioning of the site into varying lots.

The MoU will permit the establishment of a Joint Venture Company to speed up the creating and financing the advancement of a-list lavish hotels, very good quality shopping centers and other private and business developments as concurred in Phase 2 of the MoU ashore crossing some Sixty-five land.

President of Ghana Nana Akufo-Addo (in the middle) and Trade Minister Alan Kyeremanteng look on as Stellar Holding Pte. Officials sign the MoU

Stellar Holding Pte. Ltd, is a broadened global entity with interest across various areas including, education, infrastructure, energy, agriculture, mining and international trade.

It has executed enormous scope projects in these areas for Governments across Asia, Middle East and Africa, giving turn-key plan, assemble and fund answers for Governments to carry out cross country friendly effect projects.

Through a network of global financial institutions, it has also shown competent financial capabilities in funding and raising required financing for its projects.

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