Ghanaian-Japanese Wins Miss Universe Japan 2020

Aisha Harumi Tochigi

The 2020 edition of Miss Universe Japan recently fell off at the Yamano Hall, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo in Japan, with the coronation event being perfectly organized.

At the end of the event, Aisha Harumi Tochigi was delegated as the new Miss Universe Japan 2020. She will currently be representing Japan at Miss Universe 2020. Miss Universe Japan 2019 Ako Kamo crowned her successor at the end of the grand finale.

Aisha is of Ghanaian-Japanese descent who has been chipping in the two countries for womens’ rights alongside working for children in the community.

She isn’t new to beauty pageants as she had been a part of Miss Universe Japan 2019 where she was set at the best five (5). She had an immense experience at Miss Universe Japan 2019, in this manner has some sort of confidence before getting into this year’s event. She nonetheless, moved that experience to winning the current year’s edition.

Aisha indicated a mind blowing devotion and assurance towards winning the title.

After winning, she expressed:

“Last year I couldn’t take the crown. But I still have my dreams that I want it to be real and this year is the year for me.”

The diva is resolved and centered towards playing out her best at the competition and making the people of Japan proud. She has vowed to be one of the most grounded competitors at the Miss Universe 2020 stage.

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A year ago Ako Kamo represented Japan at Miss Universe 2019, where she was exceptionally refreshing for her solid presentation but unluckily, couldn’t reach the top in the end.

Other Winners at the 2020 Miss Universe Japan include:

First Runner-up: Raimu Kaminashi

Second Runner-up: Yuki Sonoda

Third Runner-up: Kilala Watanabe

Fourth Runner-up: Marina Little

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