Mzbel Lands A New Recording Deal From An International Label


As One of the finest HipLife artistes in Ghana, Mzbel released wonderful and danceable tunes to the enjoyment of numerous music fans in Ghana and beyond during the 2000s. She is one of only a handful not many certain female artists who was very loud, thinking back to those years.

She was famous among the youth with respect to the titles of her tunes. ’16 Years’, which was her breakthrough tune, Awoso Me, Edey Be, Legelege, and more, were some of the hits she produced. Starting there onwards, she continued producing exciting melodies until she at last went into her ‘shell’ for while to manage other businesses.

Belinda Nana Ekua Amoah, who is referred to in showbiz as Mzbel, is also famous for her contentious music. The singer and rapper has been exceptionally instrumental in impacting female Ghanaian artiste coming up. In spite of the fact that she writes and churns out great tunes, her controversies that encompassed her, aided in establishing a fine brand.

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Just when everybody thought she had abandoned music, the 40 year old has recently been signed onto a music label, Goodies Music International. The artiste will currently be locked in by the record label which has existed for a long time and famous around the world.

Sharing this incredible news on her social media pages, Mzbel noticed that she was exceptionally upbeat that the record label has put stock in her art even at her age, and has promised to make the label very proud as well.

In her post, she stated:

“Big thanks to “Goodies Music International” for believing that my Brand “Mzbel” can easily make it on the International Market even at age 40. I am very grateful for the opportunity to be signed on your Record Label. I promise to do my best and to make Ghana proud once again on the international market. Thank u so much…. OMG just when I thought its over”.

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