Ghanaian Musicians Begin To Receive Better Royalties

For such a long time, practically all artists in Ghana has been grumbling with regards to the pitiful amount of money and the payment system carried out by Ghana Music Rights Organization (GHAMRO). The Music Rights Organization plays the role as an advocate for greater copyright protections for Ghanaian musicians.

In a recent interview on Happy FM, the head of Ghana Music Rights Organisation (GHAMRO), Rex Omar said, for the past number of years, they had difficulties tracking the number of times and airplays to have the option to pay artists.


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That said, the Music Rights Organization is adequately lucky enough to be in partnership with an Irish company that has begun working with an introduction of a new system to assist with payments. As indicated by Rex Omar, the new mechanism by the Irish organization is released at regular intervals (ie. every six months), hence all musicians will now be paid appropriately.

He further expressed that, as at now, larger part of musicians have even received their cash, which is a well paid compensation as compared with some years ago. Truth be told, some musicians have even expressed their joy for getting what they merit. Ending his proclamation on the issue, Rex Omar said, some musicians have recently received between GHC8,000 – and 30,000 CMOs.

But not all musicians have come for their monies. Nonetheless, the Ghamro President is beseeching all performers to enroll their relationship with GHAMRO to have the option to get a sizeable amount of money for their works.

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