‘Ghanaians Are Just Vulnerable To Propaganda’

Political rallies in Ghana

Dr. Tony Aidoo, a member of the National Democratic Congress (NDC), has stated that Ghanaians prefer propaganda to actual development policies.

The politician stated, in an interview with Joy FM, that electorates have become vulnerable as a result of this inextinguishable appetite for propaganda.

He made the observation that political parties that want to gain power for their own narrow interests are currently taking advantage of this weakness.

Using the well-known saying,

“a country deserves the government it gets,” Dr Aidoo said, “We are so vulnerable to propaganda, so you can’t blame these politicians for taking advantage and exploiting your vulnerabilities.”

Dr. Aidoo also lamented about the current political climate in Ghana.

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He thinks that political parties’ need for self-reflection and ongoing education to develop transformative policies had significantly decreased.

“Our politics have become mainly propagandists. You are to win elections with policies and programmes which are appealing to the people and not propaganda. Without that, all your electioneering campaigns become merely propagandistic,” he stated.

Since political parties are the primary agents of development, he believes that the current political parties are now focused on winning the next election right after the previous one has ended, which will only leave the country in a terrible state.

“Elections have become more or less a mechanism for just circulations of elites and that is detrimental to the national interest and to the development expectations of the general populace.

“The repercussions are quite severe, it has helped to create a ruling class of politicians whose only concern is how to win power as soon as one election ends, the campaign for the next starts,” he said.

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