Ghanaians Pulling A Gruesome Prank On The Police?

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Ghana recently launched ‘See Something, Say Something’ Campaign to assist with protecting the country against terrorist attacks.

During the launch, officials encouraged the overall population to watch out for the activities of questionable characters and report such activities to the security offices through the emergency contact number or hotline 999.

The launch forms some portion of the ministry’s border-psychological warfare procedure pointed toward sharpening the public to terrorism threats and empowering the populace to team up with state security organizations to reduce the danger of terrorism warfare in the country.

This campaign is to assist with drawing the attention of state organizations to abnormal activities or individuals within communities in the country.

Aside from reporting dubious people in communities to the police, residents are also urged to report to their traditional leaders, opinion leaders, heads of faith-based organisations and leaders of political parties who could expedite action to arrest any threat of terrorism attack situation.

Unfortunately, some deceitful citizens are ridiculing the entire campaign by calling the emergency number given out for the undertaken. Some bad ‘nuts’ in the general public call and pull a trick on the police, as though something was happening.

All You Need To Know About Ghana’s ‘See Something, Say Something’ Campaign

As per the police, out of 500 calls received recently, around 90% of them are tricks. This, according to the officials isn’t a joke, and has cautioned the general society to desist from this act.

Recent developments, indicates that the attacks perpetrated in some parts of Africa and the Sahel had been highly unconventional.

However, this campaign is an implementation to prevent measures following recent events in the West African region.

Meanwhile, the national security officials are still counting on the public to take ownership of the campaign to support the state security agencies to reduce the threat of an attack on Ghana.

The country’s neighbours along the Gulf of Guinea, namely, Togo, Benin and Cote d’Ivoire, as well as landlocked Burkina Faso on the northern border, had been severely hit by terrorist and extremist groups in recent times.

This makes Ghana a practical destination in light of its gold resources and access to the Gulf of Guinea.

Ghana government says, they’ll continue to support the services of National Security, Defense and Interior and other pertinent state authorities to execute measures towards protecting the country against terrorism and fierce radicalism.

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